Holiday shipping notice: we're away from the studio August 4-16; all physical products will ship august 17

Holiday shipping notice: we're away from the studio August 4-16; all physical products will ship august 17

Cranberry Biscotti project gallery

by Elizabeth Sullivan April 20, 2020

Cranberry Biscotti project gallery

As part of our 100 days of patterns retrospective, we'll be sharing some project galleries featuring some favourite projects made from our patterns. Cranberry Biscotti (a free sock pattern) is my design with the most projects on Ravelry. I'm sharing a few of my favourites here, but do check out the project pages on Ravelry to see many, many more beautiful projects.

Elizabeth's knitting notebook from 2004My original pattern notes and swatch for Cranberry Biscotti from 2004

Although it's not my first officially published pattern, I consider Cranberry Biscotti one of my very first original designs. I designed and knit my first pair back in 2004 - well before I had any idea that I could publish my designs or that I would one day start Sweet Paprika with Debbie.

The skeins of yarn in colours for cranberry biscotti socks

I knit a couple of pairs as gifts before working up the pair in Messa di Voce in the cranberry biscotti colour combination of Canneberge, Café au Lait, and Hot Cocoa shown above.

Cranberry Biscotti is a great pattern for playing with colour combinations and using up leftover sock yarn. Here are some projects for inspiration!

 Cheerful spring colours
Knitter/photo credit: Rodica (4CriniAlbi on Ravelry)

Naturally dyed cranberry biscotti socks 
Biscotti socks with 3 colours of naturally dyed yarn
Knitter/photo credit: Ina (Inaknits on Ravelry)

Cranberry biscotti with contrasting toe and heel 
Using a 4th colour for contrasting cuffs, toes and heels
Knitter/photo credit: Gabriela (Gabreta on Ravelry)

Biscotti socks in bright colours
Keeping the sole of the foot in Stockinette is a popular modification
Knitter/photo credit: Rebekka (Patsy55 on Ravelry)

Lovely colour combination and mix of yarns
Knitter/photo credit: Joyatee (jocrafts on Instagram)

Blender Biscotti
"Blender Biscotti", a true stash-busting project
Knitter/photo credit: Janet (jkauder on Ravelry)

4-colour biscotti socks
Another 4-colour version with a stockinette sole
Knitter/photo credit: Norma Jean (dogtooth Ravelry)

Mint chocolate biscotti
Mint Chocolate biscotti
Knitter/photo credit: Melanie (missmelly on Ravelry)

Cranberry biscotti with patterned sock cuff
This patterned cuff with a plain stockinette foot is a nice variation
Knitter/photo credit: Uta (Meise on Ravelry)

Cranberry biscotti socks with tea and scones
Because tea and scones is the best pairing with handknit socks!
Knitter/photo credit: Junko (junjunjun on Ravelry)


cranberry biscotti cookies

Of course the next best thing to tea and scones paired with knitting is café au lait and cookies, right? Cranberry Biscotti is our only pattern (so far) to include a recipe! The pattern PDF includes directions for making your very own cranberry biscotti cookies, as well as full instructions for knitting the socks. You can download your free copy here on our website, or through Ravelry. Please let us know if you decide to make either the cookies or the socks, we'd love to know how they turn out for you!

Elizabeth Sullivan
Elizabeth Sullivan


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